To Reopen the Casino in Taormina?

The story of the judicial, administrative and political circumstances about opening the Casino in Taormina is a section of the paradoxes and conflicts in Italy among the powers and it makes emerge the consistence of prejudices and interests against the South. A law made in the fascist age forbids the gambling in Italy, not for ethical reasons, but for the danger of possible disturbances in the public order. They are hypocritical reasons because the tourist peculiarity of Taormina excludes these dangers, as it is moreover proved by the lasting story of the authorized casinos of St. Remo, Champion, Venice and Saint Vincent. 
The gambling, besides, is not considered an immoral or dangerous activity by our legal system in fact the State itself organizes lotteries and bets. 
We have besides to consider that the casino of Saint Vincent was opened with an administrative action by the Val D'Aosta Region, then subsequently ratified in different grades of judgment until the Court of Cassation judgment, while the one of Taormina, opened for one night in 1962 and subsequently only from February 1963 up to January 1965, is not working because the magistracy acted in a contradictory and different way compared to the circumstance of Saint Vincent. 
Nevertheless, as an ex commissary in the police force of Taormina writes, Salvatore Dotto, the sentence made in the Court of de L'Aquila, followed by the one of the Magistrate of Taormina, become judged thing of fact, legitimated the casino activity and projected its intrinsic lawfulness into the future. 
Putting aside from the judicial controversies, is however undeniable that the reopening of the Casino in Taormina would relaunch the tourism today in the area and in the whole Sicily, causing indisputable benefits to the economic and occupational sectors. 
For these reasons the incumbent town Administration is going to do everything to redress the historical wrong to the detriment of Taormina and the whole Sicily.