The town garden

The town Villa, entitled to the duke of Cesaró, originates from the Cacciola-Trevelyan family's donation of the 20's.
Inside the garden, among a thick typically mediterranean vegetation, in the disentangling of hedges and flowerbeds, the clattered runs connect longitudinally the approximately three hectares of the park.
The viale planted with olives trees dedicated to the deads in war runs among the precious essences, some rare and of extraordinarily beauty.
The arabesque turrets decorated according to the style of the Chinese pagodas, are made with bricks and edged with pumice lava. They were built for the will of an english noblewoman Florence Trevelyan, who, being ornithologist, in those turrets delighted in studying the birds.
In the open spaces there are some heirlooms from the two world conflicts and, close to the natural Theater di Verzura, there is the monument to the deads in all the wars.