From V. Emanuele II square to the Greek-Roman Theater (Km 1,900) 
Archaeological-landscape itinerary

From V. Emanuele II square we come on to the via Teatro Greco. We run straight into the planted with trees stairway on the right along via Timoleone and then we cross via Jallia Bassia, via del Ginnasio and via Bagnoli Croce; along the latter, on the right, there is the Town Garden which was the private Garden of Miss Florence T. Trevelyan, realized at the end of the nineteenth century sticking to the model of the English garden. In the park, besides the arboreal essences, remarkable biologically, we can observe the fantastic constructions called victorian follies.
Leaving via Bagnoli and coming on to via Pirandello, we can look at the ruins of the byzantine graves.
From the belvedere and the whole via Pirandello as far as the entrance of via Dietro la Noce we can enjoy the uncommon and extraordinary view. Then, we come on to via Dietro La Noce, stairway which connects via Pirandello with via Teatro Greco; crossing it we enjoy a particular view of the Madonna della Rocca Sanctuary and of the SARACEN CASTLE.
From via Teatro Greco we have access to the ANCIENT THEATRE, monument which contributed in creating the myth of Taormina. It's for vastness the second compared to the other classical theaters in Sicily. Built in the Greek age, it was widened and almost entirely remade by the Romans in the second century After Christ. From the cavea (semicircular tiers) drawn in the concavity of the Tauro Mount, we can enjoy one of the most beautiful views in the world.