From Messina Gate to Castelmola (Km 2) 
It's prevalently a panoramic-landscape itinerary

From Messina Gate, coming on to via Costantino Patricio and skirting the City Walls, we meet the Capuchins' Fountain, where via Dietro Capuchins begins. Immediately, on the right, we could observe the arcades of the Roman aqueduct, englobed by the overhanging houses' structures.
Going on, we meet the Capuchins' Church and Convent. In proximity to the schools there is the slope Branco, old mule stairway, afterwards the road which climbs up onto the north side of the Tauro Mount begins.
After one kilometer we come across via Leonardo da Vinci and immediately after, on the left, across the siculian Necropolis of Cocolonazzo in Mola, which dates back to the Iron age; going on, we arrive in Castelmola (531 metres above sea level), ancient fortitude set to protection of Taormina, from where the view extends for the most part of the eastern Sicily's coast.