From IX Aprile square to the Saracen Castle (Km 0.850)
It's prevalently a panoramic-landscape itinerary

Going toward Messina Gate from IX Aprile square we come on to Vicolo stretto (characteristic little street of 60 cm) and arrive on via Don Bosco. Going up via Biondi, then, we go beyond via Leonardo da Vinci and come on to salita Castello (old mule-track which conducts to the Madonna della Rocca Sanctuary.
Along the journey we enjoy the panoramic foreshortenings toward the Greek theater, historical center, Jonio sea, castle's fortress and westward the ruins of the middle city walls which dates back to the Normans conquest period. At the end of the stairway we arrive in the Sanctuary, built in a spur of calcareous rock.
A little further on, on the left, we go up one steep stairway which conducts to the ruins of the CASTLE, erected upon the site of the ancient Acropolis.