Mazzarò: Baia delle sireneComing from Messina, after Cape St. Alessio and Letojanni, town with wonderful beaches, crowded by a lot of tourists, we arrive in the coast zone among the most beautiful and famous in the world. Here there is Taormina Mare with Spisone and Mazzarò, capo Sant’andrea, capo Taormina. Vast and sweet inlets and curves, which softly model the coast, follow one another. Rock, gravel and sand are framed with the typical mediterranean vegetation.  In the sea, liquid crystal palpitating with azure and dark green, the Isolabella, almost in front of Mazzarò, clot of rock mantled with vegetation, geological gem of carved bluffs of incomparable beauty, increases the charm of the Taormina's coast.  From Cape Sant’Andrea we can reach in a boat beautiful sea caves. 
In the coast band from Letojanni to Giardini Naxos it's possible to enjoy all the nautical sports.
The underwater sports could allow to visit the caves and clefts of the coast, rich in sea-fans, spirographs, and in living organisms in the submerged world's throb of light and shades. Particularly, we recommen the rock called scoglio di zi gennaro, in front of Cape Sant'Andrea, which is really a wonderful sight: here the shoal is no more than 10 meters, but suddenly it goes down till to reach the depth of 45 meters.