Rich is the section dedicated to the devotional sculptures, statuettes in painted and gilded wood, destined to the domestic use.
The statuettes of the "Holy Child" once were object of particular devotion for the sicilian families, that keep the most interesting for the rare materials ones: lacquered wood, papier-maché, terracotta, wax. The Holy Child is celebrated in Christmas.
There are a lot of embroideries and laces, for a long time rooted in the female uses, also because tightly connected to the trousseau which each bride desired. It's a section which will be widened.
After the painted bottles for the St. Nicholas' manna, the umbilical medals, made only by the silversmiths from Messina, and the relative bands decorated with propitiatory writings follow some original domestic Crucifixes in silver, ivory, wood and bone.
The last showcase is dedicated to the anatomical ex-vow, in silver foil. Few but meaningful printed devoted images prelude to what soon will be  another important section of the Museum. The cult for the images is an aspect which characterizes the Sicilian popular devotion and the reasons of the success of this popular island production are really interesting.
On the western wall of the Parliament Saloon there are some paintings on canvas: families, female figures and little boys portraits.