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Taormina is one of Sicily's main tourist attractions. Taormina boasts one of the oldest traditions of tourism, going back to the period of the Roman colonisation. This tradition was resumed and relaunched in the second half of the 19th century, when the first hotels were built and became frequented by the most illustrious personalities of that time. It has also been the site of the "Premio Davide di Donatello", an international cinema fair, and today demonstrations of Tao Art are held here.
Mount Etna, the world famous volcano, is also one of the many tourist attractions.
In choosing this itinerary you will not only explore an internationally renowned area with its incredible landscapes, coastlines and deep-seated culture, but enter a place where you are warmly welcomed, has a myriad of different services at your disposal, enjoy local cultural events and at the same time, relax (we also have a golf course). The nightlife is well known for its late night discos and night-clubs.
Among the many monuments to explore, you will find the Greek-Roman Theatre, from where you can see Mount Etna in all her glory, and the entire Sicilian gulf. Taormina and Etna are often linked together as a historical-cultural continuum, mainly for the contrast of sea and mountains. Many poets, writers, musicians and artists of international renown have found inspiration while looking at this incredible landscape.
Taormina is half an hour by car from the Catania Fontanarossa international airport and is crossed by the Catania-Messina motorway.

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